Linda saves at least 8 to 10 hours of work per month and accomplishes more thanks to MeetingKing.

Linda saves time with MeetingKing

About Colourtech Colourtech is a South African printing and publishing company mainly focused on publications for education ( They are a major player in Southern Africa and employ around 150 people. The organization has been using MeetingKing in all departments. In this story you will read about the experience of Linda Ingram VP of sales who uses it for all her sales team meetings, management meetings and client meetings. The problem As VP of sales, Linda leads a weekly sales team meeting which takes place in the office and has various project management meetings which are usually handled over the … Continue reading

See how Talasi uses MeetingKing to ensure continuity in her meetings


Talasi Hendel is Director of Solutions Realization of InfraWare, Inc., a healthcare documentation technology provider located in Indiana. Talasi and her colleagues at InfraWare have been using MeetingKing for more than 2 years, since January 2014, to streamline their meetings and manage their tasks. Talasi has been giving us a lot of very constructive feedback that helps us to continue to improve the MeetingKing service. Challenges In her role of Director of Solutions Realization, Talasi wears many different hats. She coordinates with the development team to manage new development projects, functions as business analyst for future development of the products, … Continue reading

Executive assistant Lorelei uses MeetingKing, so she can spend more time with her baby.

Executive assistant Lorelei saves time with MeetingKing

Lorelei Gibson is the Executive Assistant to the CEO of the national organization of Summer Search in San Francisco and works with about 200 colleagues. Previously Lorelei was the Executive Assistant of the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters for the Bay area chapter for a number of years. That organization has 25 employees and many volunteers. Big Brothers Big Sisters and Summer Search are both great organizations that mentor low-income youth and help them seek academic and experiential opportunities. The problem As an executive assistant, Lorelei needs to prepare and document many meetings. Both Big Brothers Big Sisters and … Continue reading

How Crystal Candy uses MeetingKing for David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done)

Jimmy Psillos General Manager Crystal Candy

This is one of my favorite success stories. I am not sure if it is because it is of the unexpected location of this customer or because Jimmy and his team manage their entire business using MeetingKing. Jimmy Psillos is General Manager of Crystal Candy, a highly successful manufacturer of chocolate and candy and the importer of Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolates in Zimbabwe, a very difficult economic environment. Jimmy describes himself as a fanatic GTD (Getting Things Done) guy, and a lot of the recent task and project management functionality in the product was initiated by his suggestions. Crystal … Continue reading

How Diakonessenhuis Hospital met ISO requirements with MeetingKing

Joost Oudejans Diakonessenhuis

Joost Oudejans is Clinical pathologist and head of the pathology department at the Diakonessenhuis Hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He has been a MeetingKing user since 2012 and is now also using MeetingKing for the Netherlands Organization of Pathology Professionals. Joost has given us a lot of useful feedback and suggestions that you now see in the product. We are very grateful for that. The Problem Joost holds a weekly management team meeting for his department in the Diakonessenhuis Hospital. The hospital management system standards are ISO 15189 certified, which means that the operations have to meet certain requirements. The … Continue reading

How Root6 turned informal weekly gatherings into effective meetings with clear results.

logo root6

Root6 is the largest reseller for video production equipment and software in the UK. The company has 3 offices and employs 40 people. Rupert Watson is one of the 3 directors and has been using MeetingKing since May 2012. The Problem Root6 implements a variety of large video systems for many different clients. Each implementation is a separate project, in most cases managed by the customer. With each implementation the Root6 team would have a weekly meeting with the entire project team to discuss the state of the implementation and to make decisions on next steps. These weekly meetings were … Continue reading

MeetingKing helps Technology Partners to make their meetings more organized, more productive and shorter.

Efrain Longart, MeetingKing user

Recently I spoke with Efrain Longart partner of Technology Partners, Inc. Technology Partners develops Custom Software, sophisticated reports with Business Intelligence technology and provides Database maintenance services for its customers. The company has 5 partners, employs +30 people and is located in Puerto Rico. Challenge The company’s partners meet 2 to 3 times per month to discuss general business issues and the long term direction of the company. After each meeting a memo with the minutes was sent to the participants, and this memo invariably disappeared in the inbox without a second glance. Tasks were recorded in a separate task … Continue reading